Lucifer: Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam Ranked


8. Smile

I would like to first say Scarlett Estevez did a great job on this song.  It matched the scene it was in perfect, and had that sweet innocence to it, that puled hard at your heartstrings.  That being said, someone had to be last, and this was it for me.  Was it fitting, yes.  Was it done well, yes.  Did it just not connect with me, unfortionately yes.  I am not sure why, as it was a perfect fit to what was going on, but out of all of them, this one I enjoyed the least.  While happy I heard it, and will get feels every rewatch of the episode, it won't make my playlist, even though every other song has.

7. Just the Two of Us

I love this song, both the original, and the Will Smith verson.  I didn't expect Rachael Harris to be the one to sing it, but she did a great job.  Then when D.B. jumped in, Nova fanboyed so hard, and I joined him in it.  It raised us, and gave us that feel good high we needed so we could fall hard, for all the heart break that followed it.

6. Bad to the Bone / No Scrubs

I really wanted to put this higher on the list.  I fangirled so hard when I saw that one of my favorite TLC songs was going to be in the episode.  Pre-Teen Odogoo squeed!  While the mash-up is amazing, and just so perfect for the narrative in the episode, others cut in front of it.

5. I Dreamed a Dream

It crushes me to put this song so low on this list.  This song, I cry every time I hear it.  I knew when I heard it, I was going to shatter.  I had a feeling it would be Lucifer singing it, and that broke me even more.  I didn't know what was going to happen to cause him to sing it, but it would be big, and sting.

I Dreamed a Dream, and Every Breath You Take are my straight go too songs for these tracks.  You may ask yourself then, why have we put it so low.  It is due to first impressions I got, as I did with smile, as well as feedback from other viewers.

The song is very different, mixing Tom's high voice, with Dennis' super low bass.  When Dennis' came in, I got whiplash.  It took me a few listens, to start to warm up to him doing it was a duet with Tom.

4. Wicked Game

This one, like I Dreamed a Dream just hits so hard.  It takes us in, and we feel Lucifer's utter pain.  It is put above I Dreamed a Dream due to it sounding slightly smoother.

3. Another One Bites the Dust

The song that teased us, and made us count the days until we got to see this awesome episode.  I personally love the original, and love how they redid it here.

2. Hell

Honestly was surprized when making this list, that I put this song so high.  Even if you dismiss the awesome scene the song goes with, and also how well the song fits with the narrative, it is upbeat, fun to listen to, and Kevin, and D.B.'s voices go very well together.

1. Every Breath You Take

I know most would not put this as their first pick as best song, but for me it is.  If I had to pick only 1 song, it would be this one, unless given the option of I Dreamed a Dream with Tom soloing it.

The song send my mind thinking through the whole series, and all the things that Lucifer's father has 'watched.'  The song fit's Tom's range fantasticaly, and is the better of the two duets that Tom has in the episode, plus I love Debbie Gibson.

You can listen to the whole soundtrack for free on Spotify!

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