Cool Touches

Lucifer / OC
One of Lux’s dancers needs her El Diablo.  Lucifer finding a new use for his devilish skin.
Fluff | Abuse | Violence

You would think that the devil’s skin would be hot, if not burning to the touch while he was in that form. It is red after all, but it is actually quite the opposite. It is very cold, most people hate cold touches, and Lucifer certainly never wanted to be around a living human in his devil form, unless they deserved it. So he was colored surprised how one human found it a comfort.

She was never meant to see it, Jazimine, Jazy for short. It was an accident, he was not careful enough, or maybe it was his rage that caused the over sight. He had kicked in the door to her apartment, when he got a desperate text from her, saying – please help he is going to kill me -. She didn’t know where, or how it got out of hand.

It was her high school sweet heart. He got in with the wrong crowd, or maybe it was always in him. At first it was yelling, but then it got more, and more physical. It hard for her to keep the abuse hidden given her job as an exotic dancer at Lux. Luca did try and keep that in mind when he beat her, money was far too good to mess that up.

He though didn’t keep that in mind, when a package he was tasked with keeping went missing. It had to be his girl, there was no other way. The boys wouldn’t do him like that. But all Jazy kept saying no matter how hard he kicked, or hit her is that she had no idea where it was. He had gone to the corner store to get a beer; that gave her the opening to text for help. She felt the cops wouldn’t help, they never came to this area of town, probably make things worse, but her boss helped people. Sure there was always a price to his favors, but anything was better than this hell she was in.

By the time Lucifer had come kicking in the door Luca had already came back. Him finding his girl hadn’t found the package she claimed she didn’t take. Lucifer could swear she was passed out on the floor, no need to hold back on this vile boy, show him what happens when you mess with what is his.

Lucifer was possessive, and protective of what he felt was his. While he didn’t feel he owned Jazy, or anyone it was a different kind of his. He grabbed the boy, flinging him across the room. Oh yes, he would rough him up, see how he liked it. His full devil face out, Luke screaming, “what the hell are you?!”

Lucifer slowly walking to him smiling, “exactly boy.” He left him alive, the devil doesn’t kill, merely punish. So what punishment was there for Lucifer when he felt arms around him, hugging him. He tried to move his head hoping to hide his face, but he knew she had seen his face, “Jazy,” he breathed out. Him finally resigned to looking down at her.

Long moments he spent trying to register her reaction, she didn’t scream, all she did was squeeze him. “Thank you for saving me,” she said to him. He was shocked, no human, demon, anyone reacted to his devil form like this. Maybe she was hit too hard, punch drunk or something. He hugged her back, she would probably forget about it when her head was clearer he thought.

“Yes well let’s get you out of here, and in both better accommodations, and company.” He had put her up in one of the suites at Lux. He didn’t care about money, nor property. Sure it was his, but it laying empty because it was his, when it would bring pleasure, and comfort to someone that was his as well, was … a sin. And not the fun kind of sin. It would also allow him to see Jazy more, he liked her. Maybe it was the strange hug, she did like to hug. Nice fuck as well, cuddlier after, very affectionate. There was an overly loving nature to her.

He was enjoying himself, it was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday. Probably a lot of fun can be gotten into. More so than usual. Nothing could really pull him out of this, well almost nothing. He had gotten a buzz, and a small sound. Something no human would be able to make out in the noise, but he did. He had a special sound set up for a few select important people, one of them being Jazy. It was a bit odd, because all she had to do if she wanted his attention, was just to come downstairs.

Something she did quite a lot on her days off. She seemed overly drawn to him, he didn’t mind it. Most humans were drawn to him. He pulled out his phone seeing a message that first confused him, but when realization of what Jazy was asking shook him. – Lucifer I don’t feel good. Can you send him up, I need him. – He quickly excused himself from the table he was sitting at.

Was she really talking about his… other side? She had not mentioned, or hinted at it since the incident, even when he tried to test her to see if she even remembered. He would go up, see what she wanted. She had been having a lot of headaches. He had made sure she got medical care, they said she had a concussion. But even after she still got random bad headaches.

When he went up to her suite the lights were off, and there was no sound. Yes this was a bad one. While part of him wanted to call out, if the lights were off, most likely his voice would hurt her. He looked around the suit finding Jazy in the bathroom. He had seen the bucket in the hall filled with vomit, only the really bad ones had her vomiting.

When Jazy saw Lucifer’s shoes she looked up, hair a mess, she looked like shit. “It hurts, make it stop hurting.” Not the first time she had ask that of him. He knew what to do. He went to get her a clean night dress. Not the sexy type that they would have fun in, but the one he knew was utterly comfortable to her, even if it looked so… old fashioned.

He also grabbed a towel, and a wash cloth, returning to the bathroom. “Shh it’s okay I know it hurts.” He said leaning down taking off her messy cloths.

“I’m sorry, tried not to. I took medicine, nothing is helping.” She made out, as he took his clothes off as well, and helped her into the shower. He kept the water colder than most people would want. It had a warmth, but it wasn’t that burning hot almost everyone loved. He held her against him as the water hit them both. He would wash her himself, he knew closeness, and gentle touches would help.

He knew she was trying her best not to whimper, and whine, but he could just feel the pain from her. After washing them both, he dried her, she rather limp from pain. Every move, and shift send dizziness through her, and shots of pain. “Going to get you in bed, don’t worry will make sure we get a bucket too.”

He picked her up, Jazy instinctively laying her head on his chest. Willing the pain spikes that came with every step away as he carried her to her bed. He slipped her into the bed getting her in a comfortable position that would cause the least amount of pain. “I am sorry again, Lucifer.”

He was pulling the cover over her to tuck her in, “Think nothing of this. I have to take care of my girl.” He smiled affectionately at her. Jazy tried her best to return his smile. Him disappearing momentarily to go fetch a bucket, and cold compress for her head. He also went to where she stored her CBD salve knowing it helped with her headaches.

“There we go dear, now let’s see what I can do to get this nasty headache to be expelled from you.” He said taking a finger full of the salve and rubbing her head with it. He could see she was trying her best to put up a brave front. He appreciated it, as he did hate whiners, but while most wouldn’t believe it, the Devil did have empathy to the suffering of innocents.

After he put the cold compress over her head, and eyes. “Now there we go, isn’t that nice.” He put his hand gently on her shoulder, but she winced. “Sorry love.”

“It is okay, thank you Lucifer.” But he could see she was holding back.

“Jazy, remember I told you always to express your needs with me, no hiding.” He said gently.

He could see she was thinking about it. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be all that bad. The things she had without hesitation expressed had to be further out there, then anything his sick friend could currently want. He thought that, until he heard her request, “I need cool touches, could you shift to your red form, and let me snuggle it.” Her looking up at him hopeful.

He looked shocked at her, he thought she didn’t know. She would have said something, ran when she was could. Definitely not slept with him in all the delicious ways they had. “Jazy,” he couldn’t lie, he refused to lie, so he couldn’t deny, and say that side of him didn’t exist. He gulped, “What do you mean by red form Jazy?”

“When you saved me from Luca. You showed Luca, El Diablo, punisher of the wicked.”

He looked down at her. Besides the pain of her ailment, he saw nothing else, she was relaxed. “You aren’t scared of El Diablo?”

“El Diablo only punishes the wicked. I may have done a lot of things I am not proud of, but I don’t think the things I have done fall into that category, so what do I have to fear?” She said looking up at him.

His smart girl, he smiled, “You are right, I only punish wicked. But an angel like you, surely you do not want that side of me.”

“He is my protector, and he is you. I want all of you. I accept, and love all of you.” He could tell she was being honest. Him contemplating, he didn’t show that side of him to the innocent, knowing how it breaks the human mind. His Jazy though wasn’t broken, he could tell she desired it, desired him. He had his own desire too, to be accepted.

He shifted just his hand, gently putting it against her face. The only response he got was her closing her eyes, her face a bit more relaxed as it eased the pain a little. He tried his best to keep his hand still, it wanting to shake from how her acceptance was making him feel. “May I have the rest of you like this? Lucifer, please.” Not opening her eyes as she asked, movement still hurt, even keeping her eyes open.

“You really want this?”

“I desire you completely, I am yours, just be gentle when you get under these blankets.”

He smiled wiping a tear from his eye, as he shifted the rest of him. Then getting into the bed, helping her rest against his chest. She relaxed against him, the pain instantly easing in a way it never had for her. “You are a blessing, Lucifer.”

“I think my father would disagree Jazy,” Lucifer trying not to laugh, him looking up at the mirror on the ceiling. Seeing how well they fit together. Many of time he would look up and see how well Jazy fit to him, he just had never seen ‘til now how fully that was, and through his cool touches, they both started to heal.

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