Hiddlesmonth: Super Mario Maker Level Contest

To celebrate Hiddlesmonth in the gaming community, specifically the Super Mario Maker Community, we are running a level making event, much like the one we ran during the #TeamLoki event. Make a level inspired by Tom Hiddleston, one of his characters, or media he has been in. Below is a list of ideas.  We have a number of streamers that will be streaming, and judging the levels.

Level Ideas

Crimson Peak - Ghost House
Kong Skull Island - Use of Donkey Kong Outfit, Jungle Theme
I Saw The Light - Music Level
Thor Movies - Loki Puzzle / Castle
Muppets Most Wanted - Escape Room
Jaguar Commercials - Driving Stage / Chase Level
The Night Manager - Shoot Um Up Enemies, with an End boss.

Rating On A Scale Of 1 to 5


*Must Have #Hiddlesmonth In The Title*

Contest Winner Tiers

The number of winners will be dictated by how many people participate. If we do not reach a minimum of 10 submissions then no Prizes will be available.

10 +: Top 1 - Amiibo
25 +: Top 3 - Amiibo
50 +: Top 5 - Place 5 to 3 Amiibo | 2nd - Game | 1st Game + Amiibo

*Specific Amiibo / Game will be posted closer to event.

Submit Your Level Code Here

Deadline For Submissions Is January 31st 2018

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