After Hours: Chapter 4 – Coming Out of Love: Part 3 To Be Loved and Accepted

After what happened to Tom, Chris and his parents decided to help feel better about the situation.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

A Tom Hiddleston X Chris Hemsworth Fan Fiction
Slash | Homosexuality | Crossover

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When Chris Got upstairs, he knocked Tom’s bedroom door. He called his parents and told them what he was about to do. They both waited as Chris tried to get Tom to talk to him.

“Tom? You okay?” Chris asked.

“Yes.” Tom replied.

“My Mom did not mean any harm by what she asked. Can I come in?” Chris said.

“I know. I felt flustered and yes. Come on in. I am so sorry.” Tom said. Chris opened the door and handed him the phone.

“You can tell her that yourself.” Chris said, smiling. Tom looked up at Chris and then back down at the phone. He nervously took the phone.

“Hello?” Tom asked.

“Hey, Tom.” the Mom said.

“Hi. I just wanted to apologize for how I reacted.” Tom asked.

“It is fine, Tom. I understand. I’m not mad at all. Neither is Chris’s father.” She told him.

“Thank you.” Tom said. Suddenly, Chris tapped Tom on Shoulder to let him know he was going to go downstairs and finish getting menus. Tom nodded and Chris left the room. A few minutes later, Chris returned and saw Tom smiling and hearing his Mother laughing.

“You are funny, Tom.” She said.

“Thanks.” Tom said.

“Hey, Tom?” The Dad suddenly piped up

“Yes?” Tom asked.

“Just wanted to let you know that even if your Mother does not accept you…we do.” The Dad said. Chris smiled and Tom shed a tear.

“Thank you so much.” Tom said, feeling happy.

“You’re welcome.” the Dad said. As they were saying their good byes, Chris’s dad said one more thing.

“Oh! One more thing, Tom.” the Dad said.

“Yes?” Tom asked.

“Actually, it’s two things, if we ever met, I want one of your famous hugs. Also…you are perfect for my son.” He told Tom.

….Awe. Thank you.” Tom replied.

“You are very welcome.” he replied back to Tom. They finally said their goodbyes and hung up. Tom looked at Chris, who was smiling.

“Thanks, Chris.” Tom said.

“You are welcome and see. Even if your Mother does not accept you, there are many people who do.] as well besides me.” Chris said.

“True. …I love you, Chris.” Tom said.

“I love you, too, cutie.” Chris said. Tom got off the bed and walked over to his boyfriend. They kissed and hugged each other.

“You still hungry?” Chris asked.

“Yes.” Tom replied. They let go and Chris held one of Tom’s hands.

“Come on, lets order in tonight. My treat.” Chris said.

“Okay but let me pay for it. You made me feel better today and I love you.” Tom said.

“Alright then. Want to watch a movie? You can pick it out. Hey, lets watch something..Shakespearean.” Chris said. Tom’s face lit up with joy and nodded when Chris said that. Chris smiled back and headed downstairs. Quoting Othello as they walked and held hands. Happily and in love.