After Hours: Chapter 4 – Coming Out of Love: Part 1

Tom and Chris are about to do something big for the both of them. …They are about to come out to their parents.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

A Tom Hiddleston X Chris Hemsworth Fan Fiction
Slash | Homosexuality | Crossover

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4-1 | Chapter 4-2 | Chapter 4-3

Chris and Tom sat on the couch at Tom’s place. They had there cellphones with them. Chris and Tom decided that they will come out to their parents…together. Chris decided to tell his parents first. Chris picked up his cellphone and looked at Tom.

“You’ll be by my side the whole time?” Chris asked. Tom held his free hand his both of his.

“Of course, darling. I’ll be right here.” Tom answered. Chris looked at his cellphone, unlocked it, scrolled through his contacts and took a deep breath.

“Here I go.” Chris said. He pressed the screen, and put it on speaker. The phone rang 3 times before someone picked up.

“Hello?” A voice said.

“Hi, Mom.” Chris said.

“Oh, Chris! It’s so good to hear from you. How are you doing? How is your job treating you?” His mother asked.

“It is good to hear for you as well. I’m doing pretty good and my job is treating me wonderfully.” Chris answered.

“That’s good, dear.” His Mom said.

“Who is that one the phone?” Another voice said. It was a deep male voice.

“It’s your son, Chris.” His Mom said.

“OOH! Hey, Son!” The voice said.

“Hey, Dad.” Chris said, chuckling a bit. Chris is very close to his parents. Liam, on the other hand…not so much.

“How are you doing?” His Dad asked.

“Pretty good.” Chris replied. Chris silently took another breath.

“Um…Mom..Dad…can I talk to you about something important, please?” Chris asked.

“Sure!” the Mom said. Suddenly, Tom dropped his cup on ground and it made a thud noise.

“What was that?” The Mom asked.

“….I have a friend with me. And yes, I want him here when I talk to you both.” Chris told her.

“Oh okay. …Can I put this on speaker?” the Mom answered.

“Go ahead. ..Is Liam there?” Chris asked.

“No. He is not here.” the Dad answered, now that phone is on speaker.

“Okay.” Chris asked. He waited for his parents to get comfortable.

“We are ready now, Chris. What is it that you want to talk to us about?” his Mom asked. Chris looked over at Tom for reassurance. Tom smiled and mouthed something to Chris.

“Go for it.” Chris took a breath, smiled and held the phone up to his mouth again.

“Chris? You okay?” the Dad asked.

“Um, yes. Mom, Dad…there is something I have wanting to tell you.” Chris told them.

“Yes?” the Mom said. Chris began to shed a tear. Tom kissed his cheek quietly.

“Son?” The Dad asked.

“Mon, Dad…I’m gay.” Chris said, feeling nervous. There was no response for a minute.

“Mom? Dad?” Chris asked.

“…Well…it’s about time you said it. I already knew that you were gay!” the Dad said. Chris’s eyes widened.

“HUH?! Since when?” Chris asked, shocked.

“Since you were about 10.” the Dad said.

“Same here, Chris.” the Mom said.

“So…you both aren’t going to disown me?” Chris said.

“No! Why? You are our son. We do support Gay Rights as well. Chris, I rather you be who you are than not because…you are nice, kind, sweet, generous and simply amazing. To be honest, I’m glad that you got up the courage to tell us this. We love you very much.” the Mom said to Chris.

“And I do, too.” Tom whispered in to Chris’s right ear.

“….Do you have a boyfriend that we should know about?” the Dad suddenly piped up. Tom and Chris looked at each other blushed.

“Go ahead and tell them.” Tom said. Chris turned around.

“Yes. Yes, I do. His name is Tom.” Chris told them.

“Does he treat you right?” the Dad asked.

“Yes. He is a gentleman and very kind.” Chris told him.

“As long as he doesn’t hurt, he’s fine in my book, then, Son.” the Dad said.

“Thanks, Dad.” Chris said. They talked for a few more minutes and then they hung up. Tom hugged Chris and he hugged him back. When they let go, they both took a breath.

“Well, that went way better than I expected.” Chris said.

“I agree. Your parents are amazing.” Tom told him. Suddenly, Chris kissed Tom quickly and looked at him.

“You turn, babe.” Chris said. Tom picked up his phone and took a breath.

“Here I go then.” Tom said. He pressed a button and the phone began to ring.

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